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Collie Health

Collies are, as a rule, a fairly healthy breed with a few breed specific health issues that every Collie owner should take the time to educate themselves about.  In general though most Collies will only require annual wellness exams from your veterinarian and appropriate senior dog care as they age. Things like a good quality food, proper grooming and dental care, heartworm prevention and regional appropriate vaccinations (or titer tests) will go a long, long way in ensuring your Collie is happy and healthy and can add years to the life of your dog.  Spaying and neutering at an appropriate age has a varitey of health benefits including reducing the risk of testicular cancer and pyometra in females.

Like all breeds, Collies have certain health issues that are more common in Collies and Collie owners need to ensure they know about these issues and educate both themselves and, in some cases, their veterinarians.  With certain issues, like the Multi-drug sensitivity (or MDR1) it can literally mean the difference between life and death if your veterinarian doesn’t know your Collie may be at risk.  


CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly)


PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)




MDR1 (Multi-drug sensitvity)




Gray Collie Syndrome




Dental Care



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