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In Memoriam


She was magic, she was amazing, she was a fighter, she was my Maggie for such a short time. She was brave, she was kind, she was gentle. She never gave up or in, even though she had two strokes, even though her hind end was painful, even through unsteadiness. She never complained.

She was blind, but knew where I was. I had to guide her, but Maggie stayed joyous and loving. bringing life to me.

One day I took her to the vet, he found the inevitable – cancer. At 15 Maggie had done well but enough was enough. January 17 she flew over the rainbow bridge. It seemed almost ordained – first my father, then my first Collie, my mum, my sister’s dog, then Maggie. How could I fight the facts? I let her go.

She claims still, a place in my heart, tucked in with

joy and tears.