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Heartfelt Collie Thanks To.....

Without the generosity of the following individuals, groups and businesses rescues like Collie Rescue Network could never continue to help the dogs we do every single day!  Heartfelt thanks from both CRN and from the rescue Collies themselves for your kindness!

Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Valerie Saunders

December 3 2012

Thank you for our big gentle Sunny boy.

Mr. & Mrs. David MacDonald

December 6 2012

In memory of Paige and Katie, beloved dogs of John and Lisette Gerry.

Lynne Graham

December 18 2012

Mr. Kevin Stirling

December 22 2012

Joe Varkey

February 1 2013

Thank you for your efforts.

Finola Pitcher

March 3, 2013

Ms. Catherine Hedlin

March 5, 2013

Ms. Ellen Boelcke

May 30, 2013

A donation to Collie Rescue Network on behalf of Beau.

Laura Erickson-Lumb

July 2, 2013

Lisette & John Gerry

August 7, 2013

In memory of our sweet Kate.

Finola Pitcher

August 27, 2013

Lisa Cochran

August 27, 2013

In memory of the beautiful, sweet and gentle Rosie Totten.

Sue Sinclair

November 13, 2013

For Leslie.

Finola Pitcher

November 24, 2013

Ms. Kimberly Butler

December 15, 2013

Thank You for what you do.

Mrs. Inez Buote-Allan

December 21 2013

Huge thank you for little Annie Rose.  I hope this gift can help another little collieflower on the road to rescue, recovery and a furever home.

Kristina Legrand

January 13, 2014

For our dear Collie Rescue Network, in honour of Marc Legrand (as a belated Christmas gift).

Mr. & Mrs. Keith and Valerie Saunders

March 21, 2014

With thanks for all you do for the Collies in need!