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Collie Connections


Collie Connections are informal gatherings where Collie people get-together to celebrate their love of the breed. You will find Rough Collies, Smooth Collies, rescue Collies, show Collies, Collie mixes and even several Not-a-Collies. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend a Collie Connection!


The Collie Connections happen, across Canada, at various times of the year. Our amazing Collie Connection Coordinator, Marlene Abrams, helps arrange the connections and also makes sure as many Collie people in the area know one is coming up. If you would like to be added to her email list to be notified when a connection is happening in your area email Marlene at  Please be sure to include your full name and the city, province you live in.  Note we are a Canadian Collie rescue group and therefore we only arrange connections across Canada.

Collie Connections Planned for 2023:

Covid put a damper on the Collie Connections across Canada the last few years but keep an eye on this page for lots of fun Connections in 2023!

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