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Furever Foster: Malik

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Malik came to Collie Rescue Network after he was seized by animal control during a large scale rescue of over 200 dogs living in a puppymill in Quebec. He was very thin and very stressed in the shelter and they called to see if we might have an open foster home.  So into foster can he came!

Malik was discovered to have Ankylosing spondylitis, a disease in older dogs that causes bony growths along the spine. The disease progresses over time and while the bony growths themselves don’t cause pain per se, where they grow can - for example, if a growth grows large enough to touch a nerve, that will cause pain (and possible neurlogical symptoms as well if that nerve becomes impaired in any way).

Malik also has a low-thyroid and needs daily medication for that. Along with the pain medication, Malik is not a “expensive” furever foster but every little bit counts and makes a difference. Having sponsors helps ensure that Malik gets his daily medications, but also helps to free up funds for other dogs in care that need help!

While not a monthly cost, Malik was in poor condition when he arrived to CRN and did require a dental along with multiple vet visits. Those bills added up to over $1000.00 and his food costs are approx. $50/month.


Tail Wags of Thanks to all of Malik's Sponsors!


Irina Dragomir

July 2022

X10 paws!


Daniel Waz

Sept 2022

x5 paws!


Madelaine McLaughlin

October 2022

x3 paws!


Amanda Adymy

January 2023


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