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The Adoption Process

Please fully read the adoption process outlined below before applying to adopt a dog from Collie Rescue Network.

The process to adopt a Collie from Collie Rescue Network is outlined below.  We require all prospective adopters to complete each step of the process before a Collie will be placed into your home.  Each step of the process is designed to better match a rescued Collie’s individual personality with that of each family’s unique lifestyle.  If you feel you can not complete all of the required steps outlined below we will be unable to help you adopt a Collie through our rescue program.  Please note that completion of any or all of the steps listed below In No Way implies acceptance or approval for adoption.  Collie Rescue Network retains the right to refuse adoption to any person or persons at any time, for any reason.


Step One:  The Adoption Application


The first step is filling out the Adoption Application.  The application allows CRN to determine what you are looking for in a Collie in order to best match your family and home with the dog that is right for you. Some Collies are fine with hardwood flooring while some are terrified of any slippery surface.  Some Collies make wonderful jogging buddies while some spend the entire day as a couch potato.  Some families don’t mind a “counter surfer” Collie while others prefer a Collie with impeccable obedience skills already in place. The application gives us a better idea of what type of Collie would best fit into your home.


Step Two: The Vet Reference


On your application your will be asked for the name and phone number of your vet.  We will be calling your vet for basic information only (how long you have been a client, are your pets in good health, etc.). Please let you vet know we will be calling (you NEED to call them to consent to release of information before they will speak to us.  If you have not called the vet after sending in your application, we cannot continue the adoption process).


Step Three: The Home Visit


The home visit is a very important part of the adoption process and NO adoption will take place without this very important step being completed.  A home visit is when a rescue volunteer comes to your home and visits with all your family members present.  We are not there to judge your home, your family or your lifestyle.  The reason for the home visit is to get to know your family a little better in our quest to make the best match possible for our sake, but also for yours!  This step in the process is also a great opportunity to ask the home visitor questions about rescue, rescue dogs and to get tips and thoughts on how to help a new dogs settle into their new home.


Step Four:  The Adoption Contract and the Adoption Fee


The last step of the process includes reading, the signing, the adoption contract.  The contract is signed by both the adopters and by a CRN representative.  The purpose of the contract is to outline and set into agreement what is expected of the adoptive family in regards to future care of their new Collie.  It also states that if at any time during the lifetime of the Collie, for any reason whatsoever, you can no longer care for your adopted Collie, that Collie must come back to Collie Rescue Network.  This last step is also when the adoption donation is paid.  We request a minimum donation of $500.00 to help off-set the costs incurred by the Collie while in the care of CRN.  Please note that this almost never covers the cost of micro-chipping, spaying/neutering, vet exams, vaccinations, medications, grooming and any of the myriad of other things a rescue Collie requires before being considered adoptable.  Currently the average cost incurred by a Collie in the care of CRN is just over $700.00


If you agree to all of the above, please fill in the

Adoption Application found here:

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