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Welcome to Collie Rescue Network

Collie Rescue Network is a national, all-volunteer, rescue group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Rough and Smooth Collies in Canada who have been surrendered, abandoned, neglected or abused.  Our mission also includes educating the public about responsible pet ownership in general and the care of the Collie breed in particular.

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Heartfelt Thanks to everyone who donated and make our Collie-days Trees so successful in December!

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In mid-December CRN took in a young Rough Collie from an owner who could no longer care for her.  A few days before her spay was to happen her foster mom called to say, “it’s possible Echo might be pregnant!”.  Off to the vet she went and it was discovered that yes indeed, Echo was in fact full of puppies and just had a few weeks left until delivery!  An x-ray was done this week and we’ve had guesses of anywhere between 7 and 11 puppies!!  Each pup will be looking for sponsors to cover the vetting and many other costs associated with having little ones in rescue (pee pads, milk replacement, puppy toys, loads and loads of extra food (both wet and dry), blankets, paper towels and on and on!).  You can make a donation that will help Echo and her pups at the link below! Echo sends along Collie tail wags of gratitude for helping her pups get a better start in the world! *We don’t know who the daddy is as she arrived to rescue already pregnant and we’re told she took herself for daily walkies around the neighbourhood.*

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Friday Pup-date:

Just a quick update on Echo....her temperature is back up to normal but she won't eat anything this morning and has been very quiet. She's doing well though, very cuddly and snuggly today.

2014 Treasurer’s Report

2014 Treasurer's Report