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Surrendering A Dog:
Note: To ensure we received your form, please email us after you click Submit, and include a photo of your dog in the email. Thank You!

The first step in placing a Collie into our rescue program is to fill in the form found at the bottom of his page.  While we understand the form may seem lengthy, we require it be filled out in it’s entirety as the information you provide there will allow us to ensure your Collie is placed into the foster home that best matches your Collie’s temperament, medical needs or behavioural needs.

Please understand that our rescue is run completely by volunteers.  If you are moving tomorrow and need to place your Collie today, we will be unlikely to help you.  We need time to arrange a space in an appropriate foster home and to find volunteers to get your Collie where he/she needs to go. Please give us as much lead time as possible.

Please be honest while filling out the surrender form.  If your Collie has bitten children in the past we need to know that.  If he is not good with cats, or aggressive with other dogs we need to know. Understand that we have no kennel facilities and rely on the foster care system - meaning if you don’t disclose that your dog has a propensity to nip small children, and we place him in a foster home with small children, YOU are putting someone else’s family at risk.  We can work with almost any medical or behavioural issue but we need to know, up-front, what those issues are so we can place your dog into the appropriate foster home.

Once your Collie is accepted into the rescue program please have ready to accompany him the food he is used to eating, his food and water dishes, his leash and collar and any associated tags as well as any toys or bedding he particularly likes.  We also ask that you please contact your veterinarian and ask that all your Collie’s vet records be emailed to us at

On the day your Collie is to be picked up a volunteer will have a copy of the form you are about to fill out.  You will need to sign and date this form at that time.  The form gives legal custody of your Collie to Collie Rescue Network, which allows us to do any vetting that may need to be done while your Collie is in our care and also allows us to legally place him into a new adoptive home when the time comes.

Collie Rescue Network asks that owners surrendering their Collies to Collie Rescue Network make a financial donation to the rescue if possible.  There is no set amount and whatever each owner feels comfortable with is appreciated.  This donation will help off-set the costs of things like food or any medical expenses your Collie incurs while in the care of the rescue. Please note that Collie Rescue Network will never turn away any Collie if an owner is unable to make a donation.  All cheques can be made out to “Collie Rescue Network” and given to the volunteer who picks up your Collie or an E-transfer may be sent to Please Do Not send a donation until it is confirmed we will be able to assist and will be taking your Collies into our care.

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