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Welcome To Collie Rescue Network
Canadian Rough and Smooth Collie Rescue

Collie Rescue Network is a national, all-volunteer rescue group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Rough and Smooth Collies in Canada who have been surrendered, abandoned, neglected or abused.  Our mission also includes educating the public about responsible pet ownership in general and the care of the Collie breed in particular.

January 17th Donation Day!

Last year on January 17, the world celebrated the momentous birthday of a lifelong animal lover (the estate has asked her name/image not be used this year) by donating to animal rescue groups and shelters across the globe. Last year’s fundraiser helped us rescue even more dogs and Collie Rescue Network was beyond grateful for the large influx of donations. Little did we know those funds were going to be much needed to deal with the epic number of surrendered pandemic pets. This year, we are again hoping that people will be inspired to donate to Collie Rescue Network as the situation is now even more dire. There are more pets than ever needing help, and shelters are full to bursting. The truth of the matter is that there are more pets in need than rescues can cope with, but with your donations we can focus on helping more of them.


If you are able to donate, please use one of the following ways to donate:


  • Through Helping Homeless Pets (where you will receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps)! As an added incentive, Helping Homeless Pets will double the value of all donations made to member groups through their Canada Helps page on the 17th of January (please be sure to add our name (Collie Rescue Network) in the Message Box so the funds come to us).  Use this link:  

  •  Etransfers sent to (no password needed). Please add your full name in the Notes section so we can add your name to the Thank You page!

​​Thank you for being a friend to pets in need. Donate today to help us, help them!

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